Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Moves Into Fourth Week Of Competition With Philip Sent Home

Survivor Fans vs FavoritesSurvivor Caramoan- Fans vs. Favorites contestants entered into their 28th day on the island last night with just 2 weeks to go. After the elimination of Michael in last week’s episode, life has resumed with new dramas in tow. Cochran is now getting suspicious of Dawn. She’s acting strange and after losing her retainer, she begins to get a little crazy.

On to the reward challenge – Dividing into teams of two, the groups have to travel through muddy water to collect bags and then shoot balls into a basket. The first team to get 12 balls in will win the challenge with an exciting prize. The winner is given an afternoon at a resort with food and drinks. The purple team wins the challenge with Erik, Reynold, Dawn, Phillip and Cochran all ready to enjoy their reward of showers, pools and more.

As for the Immunity challenge, Phillip decides that he cannot compete due to a terrifying childhood incident. The groups must run across a platform with a rope, then grab a ring and repeat the process. Malcolm and Reynold are the top contenders of the challenge with Reynold ultimately taking the lead.

Following the challenge Dawn seems to be back to herself. After some brief scheming the tribal council is ready to convene. After sitting out of the challenge, Phillip appears to be on shaky ground. This is finally confirmed when he is voted off the island during a surprising meeting where Eddie is first eyed to be the one to leave. Instead pulls Malcolm pulls out two idols, giving one to Eddie. Malcolm then boasts about the 3 amigos being safe. After tallying the votes it becomes official – Phillip is going home!

Survivor Caramoan will be back next week. Who do you think will be the next one to go? Betting odds for Survivor are not yet out for this season, but we will continue to be on top of them.

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