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2012 Olympics Coverage, Events And More

The 2012 London Olympics are set to begin later this week, with the opening ceremony on Friday. We expect quite a spectacle in London for the opening ceremony, with an estimated budget somewhere north of $42 million. And they will have a lot to compete with if we all remember the 2008 Beijing games and the unprecedented opening ceremony there.

You can bet that there will be wall-to-wall TV coverage for the 2012 London Olympics as well, picked up by NBC and their family of Networks in the United States. Continue reading

America’s Got Talent Begin Live Shows As Betting Odds Continue

The NBC Network managed to secure another successful night in the rating after airing the latest episode of America’s Got Talent this past Wednesday. The episode announced its top 48 acts, pulling in an average of 10.5 million viewers all looking to see who made the cut. Airing at 8pm est, Talent also managed to beat out the Olympic Trials that scored 7 million viewers for the night. Continue reading

The Voice Betting Odds Set Down For Season 3

In anticipation of the upcoming third season of The Voice, that is due to debut on September 10th at 8pm est on the NBC Network, judge Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly have been dishing some details about what fans can expect to see when the series enters into its new year.

While Daly shared details involving the show’s format, Blake Shelton leaked a few hints about the talented line-up that will hit the stage this fall. “We are going to make a few slight changes to the kind of the format of the show. Nothing crazy. We are already working on it right now. We are shooting season three,” Daly told fans while attending the Critics Choice Television Awards. Continue reading