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The Amazing Race Now Down To Final Five Teams After Latest Elimination

The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race contestants all traveled to Germany in the latest episode of the competition. Since this was a non-eliminating leg no-one was sent home, but if there was a couple to go home it would have most likely been Beth and Mona. The two came in at fifth place after a confusing and intense trek to Dresden.

The remaining remaining couples, all out to win the $1 million dollar price, arrived in Germany where they had to report immediately to the cars to get their next clue. Once the couple’s buckled up for a drive they were asked 3 questions relative to the race. After answering accurately they were of or the rest of the race which gets a little scary. They need to base fly off of the top of a building. Continue reading

Brande Roderick Fired From Celebrity Apprentice In Latest Episode

Celebrity ApprenticeGary Busy is looking invisible these days! The actor and his team, Plan B, managed to win this week’s challenge with model Brande Roderick sent home by Donald Trump. While I would have guessed a win for Roderick’s team after watching the hilarious Busey far from focused, the model was sent packing following Team Power’s presentation to South African executives and a group of travel experts. Meanwhile, Rinna and Jillette did the best they could to get Busey on track and motivated for a win. Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Says Goodbye To Stephen Baldwin In Latest Episode

Celebrity ApprenticeThis week’s difficult challenge for the two teams of Celebrity Apprentice included a silent film. With boardroom directors, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., the group’s had to try their best to promote the popular Australian Gold products by shooting a 45-60 second clip to promote a product that eases the look of sun damage.

Now that Dennis Rodman is out, Team Power is down to just three. Their dwindling numbers prompt Trump to move Marilu Henner to Power where Gary Busey will take over the reins of project manager. Trace Adkins heads up the other team. Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice Says Goodbye To Dennis Rodman As The Latest Contestant Fired By Trump

Celebrity ApprenticeTeam Power emerged as the losers once again in Celebrity Apprentice last night with Dennis Rodman fired by Trump. The episode kicked off with the two teams, Team Power and Team Plan B, going head to head on a challenge that involved Donald Trump’s wife, Melania. The two teams had to come up with an ad campaign for Mrs. Trump’s skin care line. Continue reading

Best Actress Nominees For 2013 Academy Awards Filled With A Wide Range Of Talent

Best ActressThis year’s category for best actress at the 2013 Oscars should prove to be an interesting one with the unique age group between nominees, as pointed out by the L.A. Times.

For the first time in history the contenders range from as young as 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallace, who played Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild, to 84-year-old veteran performer Emmanuelle Riva of Amour, who will turn 86 on the day of the Academy Awards. Sitting in the middle is 35-year-old Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain, the 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence for her role and the Silver Linings Playbook and Naomi Watts. The 44-year-old has also been nominated for best actress for her work in The Impossible. Continue reading

2012 Olympics Coverage, Events And More

The 2012 London Olympics are set to begin later this week, with the opening ceremony on Friday. We expect quite a spectacle in London for the opening ceremony, with an estimated budget somewhere north of $42 million. And they will have a lot to compete with if we all remember the 2008 Beijing games and the unprecedented opening ceremony there.

You can bet that there will be wall-to-wall TV coverage for the 2012 London Olympics as well, picked up by NBC and their family of Networks in the United States. Continue reading

So You Think You Can Dance Latest Results As Season 9 Continues

The ninth season of the dance competition series So You Think You Can Dance has kicked of its ninth season with try outs held in Las Vegas. The show that is hosted by Cat Deely with judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Tyce DiOrio, Lil’ C, Debbie Allen and Adam Shankman, begin picking and choosing dancers with the most potential out of a pool of 180 or so contestants that received a callback. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Subject Of Box Office History Odds

The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t officially sail into theaters until July 20th but already tickets will go on sale for the Christopher Nolan picture this coming Monday, June 11th. There’s something to be said about fans buying their seat a month in advance. But considering the warm reception the movie scored recently after fans were treated to a sneak peek presented by some of its star cast at last weekend’s 2012 MTV Movie Awards this isn’t a big surprise. Continue reading

Box Office Odds For Snow White And The Huntsman Formed For Opening Weekend

Snow White and the Huntsman will be jumping into the box office arena this weekend alongside heavyweights The Avengers and Men in Black 3. The sci-fi fantasy flick that seems to be geared towards the female population comes from director Rupert Sanders and stars Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron.

Initially thought of as the other Snow White movie, the action film looks to have better odds now that the lackluster picture Mirror Mirror that has come and gone quietly, only earning a domestic total of $62.5 million. The recent promo trailers for Snow White and the Huntsman has also earned some intrigue with its dark battle scenes, spinning the well known fairytale in a different direction that will most likely capture the attention of both teen and adult audiences. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Betting Odds formed To Break All-Time Box Office Record

Now that the excitement over The Avengers has died down some there’s a new fanboy flick on the horizon that some are saying will crush Marvel’s motion picture, while others are saying there’s just no way. It’s Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Scheduled to debut in the middle of the summer, the last installment of the Batman series will be released on July 20th with stars Christian Bale in the title role, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman.

The Batman movie is said to pack a mean punch and should easily regain its strength at the box office once again after last being seen back in 2008 when the second installment broke records. But can it really beat Joss Whedon’s Avengers that just made $500 million within 23 days of its release, conquering Avatar’s record of $500 million within 32days? Continue reading