HBO’s Veep Clear Favorite To Win Emmy For Outstanding Comedy Series

67th Primetime Emmy Awards on FOXOn Sunday, September 20th, the world will watch as primetime television’s best and brightest stars and shows compete for the gold winged statue we all know as the Emmy.  First held in 1949, the Emmy Awards recognize excellence in dramatic and comedic television. We’ll be there front and center as funnyman Andy Samberg hosts the 67th Annual Emmy Awards.

There are some strong contenders this year in all categories. Many sports betting sites are now offering odds on the contenders. We are going to take a look at the favorites and underdogs in the Outstanding Comedy Series category.   Let’s check out the odds:

Veep – First up, and with the strongest odds, is HBO’s political comedy show Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  The critically acclaimed show has won numerous awards, including the Screen Actors Guild and the Writer’s Guild of America.  Dreyfuss has won three Emmys for the show in the past.  With just over a year to go before the next presidential election, the show is timely and resonant, and is the favorite to win the Emmy.  With odds of 4 to 5, it will yield a lesser return.  If you bet $50, you would win $40, for a total of $90.

Modern Family – Tied for second place (with Transparent) is the ABC sitcom Modern Family.  Set in Los Angeles, the show follows the misadventures of Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) and his family.  The show is filmed in a fake-documentary style and features a strong ensemble cast that includes Sofia Vergara and Ty Burrell.  The show has a wide audience and has dominated the Outstanding Comedy Series category for the past 5 years.  Critical reception was very positive for the first few seasons, but over the past few years the show has met with mixed reviews.  Also, having won this category for so many years, it might be time for another show to take home the statue.  Even so, at 7/2, the odds are still very much in Modern Family’s favor.  A $50 bet would win you $175.  The stake plus the winnings means you’d take home a total of $225.

Transparent – Also with odds of 7/2 is the comedy-drama Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor as Mort, a late-middle-aged transgender woman living in Los Angeles with her family.  The show centers around Mort’s family and the way they deal with her transition.  The show won Golden Globes for Best Musical or Comedy Series as well as Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series.  The show is a huge critical favorite, with a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  The show also has the timeliness factor on its side, with Caitlyn Jenner bringing transgender issues into the mainstream spotlight as of late.  If you wager $50 on Transparent, you will win $175, bringing your total to $225.

Louie – Next up is Louis C.K.’s eponymous, autobiographical comedy series.  The show is a hit with critics and has a substantial cult following, but C.K.’s confessional, Woody Allen-esque comedy style could prove to be too self-deprecating for mainstream viewers.  The show’s modest 10 to 1 odds make it somewhat of a long shot.  If you bet $50 on Louie, you would win $500 for a total of $550.

Silicon Valley – Tying Louie for 3rd place, also with odds of 10 to 1, is HBO’s comedy series Silicon Valley.  The show focuses on a group of young computer programmers who found a startup company in the titular tech haven of Silicon Valley, California.  The show has garnered widespread critical acclaim, and co-creator Mike Jude is a cult favorite, being the brains behind shows like King of the Hill and movies like Office Space.  Silicon Valley has been criticized by software engineers like Elon Musk, who point to the supposed inaccuracy of the show.  At 10 to 1, the show would pay out $500 on a $50 bet, which is a fairly long shot.

Parks and Recreation – Nearer the bottom is Parks and Recreation, the satirical comedy show.  The very definition of cult, it stars Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, head of the Parks and Recreation Department. The series is set in the Pawnee, Indiana (a fictional town).  The show has a huge following and a jaw-dropping ensemble cast, including Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza and, literally, Rob Lowe.  Critical reception was initially not very good, but as the seasons progressed, the show started to find its audience.  Unfortunately, the show has always struggled to find a mainstream audience.  At 25 to 1, the odds are against Parks and Recreation.  Should it win, though, you will win a bucket of gold.  A $50 wager will win a whopping $1250 for a total of $1300.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – The longest shot in the Outstanding Comedy Series category is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Created by Tina Fey for Netflix, the show follows the 29-year-old title character as she adjusts to life in New York City after having been part of a religious cult.  The show has received positive reviews from critics.  Having only been on for one season, the show may be too new to have garnered enough attention yet.  The odds are very, very slight, at 33 to 1.  This means that if you place a $50 bet on Kimmy, you’ll hit the jackpot with winnings topping $1700.

No matter who wins or loses, the 67th Annual Emmy Awards should be tons of fun.  Nothing is set in stone.  There could be some major upsets, so now is the time to wager with the best sportsbooks for USA players.  And remember, every now and then, a longshot pays off.  So invite your friends over, make your wagers, have some great food, and enjoy the party!

American Idol Season 12 Won By Candice Glover

American Idol Season 12American Idol celebrated the close of season 12 on Fox last night. The series came to an end with Candice Glover the victor of the competition. Glover won the Idol crown after a tense Wednesday night sing off against finalist Kree Harrison.

The ladies performed three songs each with judges Randy, Nicki, Mariah and Keith hard-pressed to predict a winner.
Jackson urged fans to vote for one of the two while Keith called both Harrison and Glover both “soul singers.” At the start of the Wednesday night episode Candice was chosen to sing “Chasing Pavements” by artist Adele. The show’s producer Simon Fuller selected the song for Glover and she tackled it with confidence. Judge Randy Jackson didn’t care much for Fuller’s chosen track, but was impressed by Glover’s performance.

Harrison sang Sarah McLaughlan’s “Angel” and was also fabulous, but Glover clearly took the round along, with round two as well. It wasn’t until round 3 that Harrison slightly dominated the competition. Before the show was over Harrison told the crowd that the episode was all about having fun. She appeared to be content as a finalist.

By Thursday night fans were on the edge of their seats waiting through the two-hour finale show with an array musical guest stars making an appearance. After plenty of hype and performances the last minutes of the show drew near with Ryan Seacrest finally sharing with fans just who this season’s American Idol winner would be!

After Glover was selected as the winner both ladies seemed thrilled just to be there. It was an emotional night with plenty of tears. Harrison, this year’s runner-up, said that she was happy and thankful to be able to stand next to Glover. The season 12 winner was equally content and looked to be in disbelief over her victory. Though she shouldn’t have been, judging by the American Idol odds that favored her at 10 to 17 prior to the finale week on Wednesday.

American Idol Season 12 Down To Kree Harrison And Candice Glover After Angela Miller Eliminated

American Idol Season 12This week’s American Idol presented fans with plenty of surprises during this week’s countdown to the finale. Some of the major highlights of Wednesday and Thursday included the shocking elimination of fan favorite Angie Miller. The 19-year-old from Beverly, Massachusetts fell into the bottom slot with fans voting her out of the competition during Thursday night’s results show.

On Wednesday Miller and top two finalists, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, performed three songs each chosen by the Idol judges, Jimmy lovine and the producers of the Fox series. For the most part the song choices were good with the exception of some of lovine’s selections. The trio all performed their hearts out, but it was Miller that America wanted to see out of the Idol fight. She was voted off the show, singing Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone” at the close of the show. Harrison and Glover will compete one last time next before the final decision will be made for the winner of season 12.

While Miller’s departure was sad to see, longtime American Idol viewers were also caught by surprise with Judge Randy Jackson’s announcement during Thursday. After judging the Fox series since the start of the show, Jackson, one of the original judges left, revealed that season 12 would be his last. Jackson has decided to leave the series to pursue other entertainment ventures.

His announcement has been met with plenty of buzz as rumors circulate that Idol will undergo a drastic remake that will force the whole judges panel off the show with producers reportedly interested in starting next year fresh.

Idol will return next week with a 2 hour season finale that will feature singer Adam Lambert’s secret duet and the new winner of season 12 as Kree Harrison and Candice Glover battle it out one last time. Who do you think will take home the title?

Expect betting odds to win American Idol to come out soon, as you can bet the lines will be in plenty of time for bettors to get in on the action. Be sure to check back with us here, as will have them!

All Four Ladies Safe For This Week On American Idol Season 12, Votes To Be Added Together Next Week

American Idol Season 12American Idol producers decided to take matters into their own hands this week, using a save to secure the four finalists of the competition an additional week. In a surprising move it was announced during Thursday night’s results show that Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller would be sticking around.

As Host Ryan Seacrest explained it, because the judges panel didn’t use their save, the producers decided to “turn the competition upside down.” They certainly did with many surprised that their season 12 favorite was given another chance. At the moment Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb currently occupy the bottom two spots with both Angie Miller and Kree Harrison on top.

The move came as a surprise and doesn’t affect American Idol’s season finale which is scheduled to air on May 16 with the announcement of the winning finalist. Footage of the finalist’s trip to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles was an additional highlight of the night. The ladies all seemed happy to bring some excitement to the kids with their musical talents.

The four treated the audience to a special collaboration as well. Harrison, Glover, Holcomb and Miller all took the stage to sing their rendition of singer Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire. Angie Miller took her place on the piano where the judge’s panel loves to see her most. By the end of the song all four where singing side by side for the audience proving their vocal strengths and confirming that this season is a tough one when it comes to choosing who will go home.

The ladies scores of this week will be added into next week’s totals to determine the next finalist to go home. Who do you think America will eliminate from the series next week? Will Glover and Holcomb bounce back? Or is Angie Miller set to take the Idol win?

American Idol betting odds have not yet been formed, but will be released in the coming days. We will have those for you as soon as they become available, so come back in see us.

The Amazing Race Now Down To Final Five Teams After Latest Elimination

The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race contestants all traveled to Germany in the latest episode of the competition. Since this was a non-eliminating leg no-one was sent home, but if there was a couple to go home it would have most likely been Beth and Mona. The two came in at fifth place after a confusing and intense trek to Dresden.

The remaining remaining couples, all out to win the $1 million dollar price, arrived in Germany where they had to report immediately to the cars to get their next clue. Once the couple’s buckled up for a drive they were asked 3 questions relative to the race. After answering accurately they were of or the rest of the race which gets a little scary. They need to base fly off of the top of a building.

These five are gutsy, but they all move forward to pick their next challenge which includes a choice between building a train trail bringing two gigantic letters to a museum. This challenge goes awry for both Bates and Anthony, who end up breaking a letter!

Up next, after some tedious and nerve wracking challenges, everyone ends up at a night club. While there they must identify a famous JFK Berliner quote before searching a labyrinth for their next clue. Max and Katie end up coming in at first place with a reward of a two fully loaded 2013 Ford Fusions. Joey and Meghan come in second followed by Caroline and Jennifer. Bates and Anthony and Beth and Mona land in fourth and fifth place.

Both teams had a rough time with this latest round of challenges. Luckily no-one is going home. One couple will meet their fate when Amazing Race returns next week with another couple going home. The season finale is scheduled for May 5th. Odds to win The Amazing Race are not up, but we will continue to recap the episodes and when the odds do come out will release them.

Brande Roderick Fired From Celebrity Apprentice In Latest Episode

Celebrity ApprenticeGary Busy is looking invisible these days! The actor and his team, Plan B, managed to win this week’s challenge with model Brande Roderick sent home by Donald Trump. While I would have guessed a win for Roderick’s team after watching the hilarious Busey far from focused, the model was sent packing following Team Power’s presentation to South African executives and a group of travel experts. Meanwhile, Rinna and Jillette did the best they could to get Busey on track and motivated for a win.

For this week’s challenge each team had to come up with an exciting and eye appealing ad campaign for a travel expo for South African tourism. Plan B decided to put together a promotion that included Zulu dancers, drummers and a talented South African chef who wowed the crowd with samples.

Team Power opted for a different route, using a pretend zip line, a caged shark and creative pamphlets. Roderick, Lil Jon, Marilu Henner, and Trace Adkins were all about making “memories.” Unfortunately the results were declared a bit immature with the team losing out to Plan B!

In the boardroom, Roderick was said to be an effective leader with her teammate Adkins sharing in the blame for the team’s loss by stating that they had trouble choosing a direction and keeping focus. Lil Jon, who left the boardroom, said that they did the best they could with the challenge while Henner took credit for the pamphlet that executives found the highlight of the group’s efforts.

In the end of the episode Roderick refused to say who on her team should be fired with the Trump deciding she was the one to go, as all of her team members weren’t to blame for the group’s loss. Roderick’s exit leaves Apprentice with just six celebrities left! Who’s strong enough to become the winner?

Odds for Celebrity Apprentice are currently off, but be sure to check back with us when they appear, we will have the latest lines.

Janelle Arthur Says Goodbye To American Idol Season 12, Odds Say Amber Holcomb Next Out

American Idol Season 12American Idol’s Janelle Arthur is no longer a finalist in the Fox competition. Arthur was voted out of the competition last night after the singer’s Wednesday night performance just wasn’t enough to keep her in the race as the season comes to a close.

During Wednesday night’s show, Arthur took part in the Idol themed competition that had each of the ladies singing songs from the year of their birth. Arthur, who was born in 1989, chose to sing Vince Gill’s “When I Call Your Name,” with the country singer saying that the well known track always made her stop crying.

Right after her round 1 performance Arthur was commended by the trio of Minaj, Jackson and Carey, but Urban, didn’t agree, saying that the singer could have performed better without her guitar. “Maybe it’s a girl thing, but you brought me to tears,” Carey said.

Jim Iovine was in town for the top-five performances, as he has been on many of the season’s in the past. The Co-founder of Interscope Records was impressed with all of the girls throughout the week as he got to know them. But he echoed the sentiments of some of the other judges for Arthur’s performance stating, “started to sound like ‘Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.” Iovine then shared his thoughts that Arthur needs to pick something more emotional for her second round.

Unaware of Iovine’s suggestions prior to selecting her round 2 song, Arthur sang Dolly Parton’s “Dumb Blonde.” Judge Keith Urban was less than impressed. “I don’t know that I would put ‘Dumb Blonde’ way up in the Dolly Parton songbook.” Minaj then shared that she thought Arthur was in jeopardy and could be going home this week.

Minaj then attempted to give Arthur a boost of confidence. “You need to know that you are great,” very lovable, and could go far in the world, even if she doesn’t make it much further on the show.” Minaj’s words came true in Thursday night’s show when Arthur was eliminated by voters without a judges save to send her into next week’s competition.

The departure of Arthur should not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the betting lines to win American Idol Season 12. Entering this week, she was the biggest underdog of the group, paying out at 15 to 1 should she pull off the upset by winning the competition. It was an uphill climb for her, and oddsmakers took notice.

And while the odds to win American Idol have yet to be reformed for the top-four, you can bet that Amber Holcomb will be on notice. She is the next contestant on the list who was in front of Arthur. The top-three girls are all right close to each other, with Holcomb now the lone singer with long odds.

Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Moves Into Fourth Week Of Competition With Philip Sent Home

Survivor Fans vs FavoritesSurvivor Caramoan- Fans vs. Favorites contestants entered into their 28th day on the island last night with just 2 weeks to go. After the elimination of Michael in last week’s episode, life has resumed with new dramas in tow. Cochran is now getting suspicious of Dawn. She’s acting strange and after losing her retainer, she begins to get a little crazy.

On to the reward challenge – Dividing into teams of two, the groups have to travel through muddy water to collect bags and then shoot balls into a basket. The first team to get 12 balls in will win the challenge with an exciting prize. The winner is given an afternoon at a resort with food and drinks. The purple team wins the challenge with Erik, Reynold, Dawn, Phillip and Cochran all ready to enjoy their reward of showers, pools and more.

As for the Immunity challenge, Phillip decides that he cannot compete due to a terrifying childhood incident. The groups must run across a platform with a rope, then grab a ring and repeat the process. Malcolm and Reynold are the top contenders of the challenge with Reynold ultimately taking the lead.

Following the challenge Dawn seems to be back to herself. After some brief scheming the tribal council is ready to convene. After sitting out of the challenge, Phillip appears to be on shaky ground. This is finally confirmed when he is voted off the island during a surprising meeting where Eddie is first eyed to be the one to leave. Instead pulls Malcolm pulls out two idols, giving one to Eddie. Malcolm then boasts about the 3 amigos being safe. After tallying the votes it becomes official – Phillip is going home!

Survivor Caramoan will be back next week. Who do you think will be the next one to go? Betting odds for Survivor are not yet out for this season, but we will continue to be on top of them.

Season 4 Of The Voice Moves To Battle Rounds As Blind Auditions Are Completed

The VoiceThe competition finally began in this week’s Monday and Tuesday night episodes of The Voice. Done with the blind auditions, the series kicked off the battle rounds with coaches seeking the best of the best while making some steals along the way.

This week’s highlights included Shakira securing Adam’s former team member, Karina Iglesias, after the Maroon Five front man let her go. Levine decided to hold on to Judith Hill instead. Usher showed interest too, but Shakira beat him to the punch with some persuasive words. “I think I could win this entire show with you,” Usher said. “Please don’t break my heart for the second time,” Shakira jumped in.

Other moments worth mentioning of the week included Blake scoring Taylor Beckham from Team Usher after the singer lost to a duet against Jess Kellner. Christian Porter lost out to the Swon Brothers when Blake chose the duo instead. His decision commanded some minor grumblings from the audience. Michelle Raitzin Team Blake and J’Sun of Team Shakira were also sent packing with the other coaches uninterested in picking them up.

By Wednesday tempers began to flare when Usher became irritated with contestant Jeff Lewis, who laughed during his duet. After pairing his team members Josiah Hawley against Jeff Lewis, the duo sang a less than stellar rendition of the well known song “Roxanne.” Both Hawley and Lewis’ performance failed to impress the artist, who became angry after Lewis laughed at his own mistake.

“What’s funny? Is this funny to you? This is a battle, you’ve got to take this serious, man,” Usher said sternly to the two. Josiah Hawley was declared the winner of the round.

Next week The Voice will return with the battle rounds part 3. All four advisors will also be back to watch the competition. Odds to win The Voice for the contestants are not yet out, but the odds for the winning coach remain available to place a wager on. These odds can be found below.

Dancing With The Stars Eliminates D.L Hughley As Top-8 Betting Odds Formed For Next Week

Dancing With The Stars D.L. Hughley was the latest celebrity to make an exit from Dancing with the Stars after being voted off. After scoring 18 points out of 30 in Monday night’s show, Hughley was deemed in jeopardy during last night’s results. With the elimination down to Hughley and Victor Ortiz, the last minutes of the show became intense with split screens watching the two couples as they awaited the results. Hughley’s name was called, signaling the end for the entertainer who has had a difficult time in the dance competition this season.

Since the start Hughley struggled to keep up with the roster of the DWTS celebs, mainly scoring in the high teens and low twenties for his performances with Cheryl Burke. Following his elimination, Hughley said comically that Cheryl will be the only thing he’ll miss after he was questioned about his exit. The actor looked relieved to be on his way, saying that he “had a ball.”

As for Victor and Lindsey, the two managed to slide by and will dance in next week’s episode, but it doesn’t look like it will be long before they are the next couple to be eliminated. The pair danced a Viennese waltz alongside Tristan MacManus and Emma Slater.

The judges responded well. “Victor, I say that was a victory … you channeled your emotions well,” Inaba said. Len Goodman was also impressed that the couple showed improvement. “This is better than last week and that’s the way to go … well done,” Goodman said.

While they did earn 21 points, the pair have been inconsistent and is no match for top couples Zendaya and Val (29 points) and Pickler and Hough (27 points).

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff received 26 points, Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas earned 25 points, Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd received a score of 24 points, Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson earned 21 with Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess in the bottom after scoring 18 points.

With Hughley gone, new odds to win Dancing With The Stars Season 16 have been formed. Coleman is on top at 11/10, which is an $11 profit for every $10 wagered. Second on the list is Pickler, who remains a constant 2 to 1 payout as she was last week. And rounding out the top-three is Jones at 13/4.