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Betting Odds For TV Shows

TV Show Betting Odds

America has found great love for reality television, and online sportbooks have found a way to make watching these shows much more interesting with TV show betting odds. While most online sportsbooks generally focus on betting odds geared towards sporting events, TV show betting has opened the door to non-sports fans who enjoy the challenge of predicting the outcome of current events. Thanks to sportsbooks acknowledging the want for betting odds other than sports, gamblers are able to wager on a wide range of TV shows, including reality shows, contests, music, entertainment contests and even awards shows.

Drawing the attention of players is what online betting is all about, and by offering a little something for everyone, online sportsbooks have increased their clientele and made it fun by offering a different array of television show betting odds. Reality shows really took off some years ago and have since become the most watched series on television. Reality game shows seem to be the way to go for a network to gain viewers and involve the public with a voting process that ends up determining the competitors success in what is based on a popularity contest, if you will. Shows such as Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol and even betting on the Oscars are among the fan favorites and the very reason why online sportsbooks have opened their doors up to TV betting.

Latest TV Show Betting Odds

American Idol Betting Odds

american idolAmerican Idol is in its own category of reality TV. Since the start of American Idol some years ago, the fan base has grown to be the largest a television series has ever seen. The fate of these contestants lies in the hands of America, which can be good or bad for some performers. Each week, contestants take to the stage, hoping to deliver a performance that America finds to be entertaining and well worth keeping them around for another week. The TV show betting odds for American Idol have flooded the online sportsbooks and seem to get just as much action, as online bettors wagering on their favorite sporting event.

American Idol Betting Odds

Amazing Race Betting Odds

amazing raceThe Amazing Race is one of the most watched reality shows on television. Teams of two travel around the world in competition against other teams. Each team will face challenges and road blocks along the way, and how they react to the situation could determine how long they last in the race. Arriving first at "pit stop" guarantees your advancement in the race, but just as sure as each team makes it through one phase, another journey begins. TV show betting odds are a great way to keep up with how each team members are placing and how likely they are to make it to the finish line.

Amazing Race Betting Odds

So You Think You Can Dance Betting Odds

so you think you can danceSo You Think You Can Dance is another reality game show that allows aspiring dancers a shot at becoming a professional dancer. The judges of So You Think You Can Dance travel all around the United States in search of rising stars that have the skill, determination and ability to make it as a professional dancer. Having dance skill and thinking you have dance skill are two different things. TV show betting odds are a fun way for online bettors to get in on the action and decide which contestants have what it takes.

X Factor Betting Odds

so you think you can dance It is almost time for the charm of Simon Cowell and the next season of The X Factor. This is one of the most popular singing competitions on earth, with versions of the show in more then 10 countries and more still to come. On top of Simon and L.A. Reid, fans of the US version of the show will get to enjoy Britney Spears and Demi Lavato as the new judges in 2012. As soon as the season starts, you will be able to find the most current X-Factor betting odds along with information about each of the leading contestants right here on the site.

Survivor Betting Odds – One World

survivorSurvivor is one reality game show you will most likely find TV show betting odds at any given point during the season. Survivor is one of the first reality shows to hit television and has always been a fan favorite. This show is full of hero's and villain's,who are taken to a remote location, where they battle it out in a fight of the fittest, both physically and mentally. The tribe members decide which contestants have what it takes to survive and how they want to play their survival skills against one another. The objective is to be the last survivor on the island, which sometimes proves to be a bigger challenge than they first anticipated. The 2012 Survivor One World betting odds are now out and you can bet on Survivor at most online sportsbooks.

Survivor One World Betting Odds

Dancing With The Stars Betting Odds

dancing with the starsDancing With The Stars is one of the most anticipated reality shows around. Fans anxiously wait for each new season to arrive so that they too can get in on the action through TV show betting odds. Each season consists of a new cast of stars, that get paired up with the professional dancers of Dancing With The Stars. Some couples make for a much more entertaining performances than others, but its often the ones that start off shaky that end up surprising us in the end. You will also see other versions of this show, such as Dancing On Ice inthe UK, which also have betting odds.

Dancing With The Stars Betting Odds

Dancing On Ice Betting Odds

If you do not know what Dancing On Ice is, then you probably do not live in the UK. This is one of the most popular reality shows in the UK, and almost every online sportsbook offers betting odds for Dancing On Ice. This reality show is much like the American dancing shows, with people getting kicked off of the show each week. The show has been on for several years and the contestants change each year that the show comes out. The 2012 season of Dancing on Ice includes stars like Sébastien Foucan, Cory Feldman, Jorgie Porter, Keith Chegwin, Heidi Range, and more.

Big Brother Betting Odds

big brotherBig Brother is much like the hit reality show Real World, only for the older folks. A group of people, in one big house, cut off from the outside world for a undetermined amount of time. With so many personalities in the house, its only natural that they sometimes do not get along. Alliances are formed and plots are made, as they fight one another to remain in the house. Although it is up to the members of the house who stays and goes, America can see who is favored to win each season of Big Brother by looking at the Big Brother betting odds.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On TV Shows

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When looking at the betting odds for TV shows, you must remember that you may not see these odds available all the time. You may have to check back a few different times before you are able to the betting lines. Also, the odds will not become available until the season starts for each television series.