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Season 14 Of Big Brother To Debut Summer Of 2012

The fourteenth season of Big Brother is just around the corner with a premiere date set for this coming July 12th on the CBS Network. With both the renewal for season 14 and the casting of the new season announced during the finale of season 13, fans have been waiting awhile to see how this New Year will play out with a whole new cast on board to entertain.

This new upcoming season is being toted as “super sized” with the promise of more house guests and four top secret twists to boot that will be revealed over the coming months. Big Brother 14 will however stick to its regular format aside from the already mentioned changes as fans get to observe 27/4 via live feed with a subscription. Otherwise the series will air three nights a week. Continue reading

X Factor Season 2 Winning Judge Odds Formed

With the upcoming season of X Factor ready to debut in its second year this coming fall many are wondering what the newly revamped judge’s panel will bring. After the dismissal of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger in season one, the newly acquired duo of singers, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, should bring some interesting changes to the show, and has fans wondering not only who will be the reigning contestant, but what judge will have what it takes to create the next X Factor star. Continue reading