The Bachelor Betting Odds

Debuting back in 2002, The Bachelor is one of those reality shows from which many of the ones around today is a branch off of in some way, shape or form. But as they say, there is only one original, and after a decade on the air, the show is still going strong. The show is centralized around one eligible man looking for a partner in life, with a variety of women competing for his affection, and ultimately winning his heart. Through each week of the show, women are eliminated based on non-compatibility. These eliminations take place in a variety of settings, from one-on-one dates, group dates and other ways. In the end, The Bachelor has the option of proposing to the woman who has chosen on the show, though they do not always choose to exercise that option. And it's definitely no guarantee that the relationship will last, as we have seen many examples of the couples breaking up following the conclusion of a particular season. There have been 16 seasons of The Bachelor since the series debut back in 2002.

The Bachelor Season 18 Info

The Bachelor for the 18th season of the show has not yet been confirmed, as the season will not debut until January 2014. As of spring 2013, there are still auditions and castign calls being held for those interested in being on the show, as well as the search for the next eligible man.

Who Is Favored To Win Season 18 Of The Bachelor?

Odds For the 18th season of The Bachelor will not be available until early 2014 when the show is set to debut. Because of the fact that the show is taped months in advance, oddsmakers are sometimes cautious about the types of odds that they release. It's different from a show like American Idol where the results are carried live each week. That being said however, we could see some odds come out as the show begins and gets down towards the final eliminations.

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