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american idolReality Television does not really get any better than Big Brother. For all of you that have watched MTV's "Real World", and wished you were young enough to get in on all that drama, can do so in what some like to call the adult version, Big Brother. Big Brother is a hit reality game show about one big house full of strangers, who are forced to live day to day with each other, secluded from the outside world. While some may think that it sounds like a piece of cake and well worth the effort it requires to take home the large cash prize, may need to reconsider the sacrifices made by each contestant. Days, weeks, and sometimes months, go by before these contestants can return to the life they were so willing to change going into the competition. Big Brother has proven to be such a hit over the years, that even online sportsbooks want a piece of the action and are offering Big Brother Betting odds on some of the top online sportsbooks.

Big Brother Season 15 (June, 2013)

Season 15 of the new Big Brother will debut on Wednesday June 26th beginning at 9pm ET. This is roughly two weeks earlier than the normal premiere date of the show, as CBS stated that the summer-long season will run a bit longer than in years past. This is great new for Big Brother fans.

As for the betting odds, those could come out at any time. With the fact that the evictions from the house are conducted live, it certainly leaves room for the opportunity for their to be plenty of lines for during the season as each house guest gets put on the block for elimination. Be sure to check back with us for updates about Season 16 of Big Brother.

Top Sportsbooks For Betting On Big Brother

Bovada Sportsbook - Big Brother was one of the first big reality games shows introduced to America and even online sportsbooks have taken notice to the popularity this show holds. TV show betting odds are fun for everyone and a great way to keep up with your favorite reality show. Big Brother Betting follows the house guests from the very start of the season and by placing a little wager on the show, fans will find themselves even more involved than they want to be. Online bettors can test their big brother knowledge on one of the top online sportsbooks, Bovada. Be sure to join before the start of the next Big Brother, so that you can take advantage of the $250 free money bonus, given away to new players.

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