Twists And Turns Was The Theme Of Latest Survivor Caramoan Episode For Week 9

Survivor Fans vs FavoritesSurvivor Caramoan brought some unexpected turns in this latest episode. After the elimination of Corrine in last week’s airing, this season seems to have found new life. Some exciting highlights included Eddie, Cochran, Michael, Reynold and Erik winning the Reward challenge.

The five appeared to be bonding, but looks can be deceiving since Cochran wasn’t actually on board with Michael’s talk of an all-male alliance. This could have worked in Malcolm’s favor had he won the challenge since Sherri, Dawn and Andrea spent most of the show plotting to vote him off. Luckily, Malcolm was smart enough to spot an enemy in Andrea, but fell for Dawn’s manipulations which led to Reynold revealing his Idol to her.

The night also included a win for Brenda, who won Immunity after surpassing the others in one of the hardest challenges. The survivors had to sit under a cage in the water while the tide slowly rose. The challenge looked difficult and extremely nerve-wracking, but Brenda beat out the bunch after an hour.

By the end, the survivors were fast to make their moves with Malcolm out-smarting the bunch! Malcolm managed to get Reynold to hand his idol over during the Tribal council, saving him from being voted off. The moment happened just as Jeff Probst was about to read the votes. Reynold stood to play the hidden Idol for himself, but Malcolm was quick to stop him.

“Hold up, man,” Malcolm said during the meeting to Reynold. “They all voted for me. You can tell. That’s what that whole (Phillip) story was about. Give it to me, we’re in good shape. I’m being dead serious right now.” In an unexpected twist, however, Michael was the one to lose and was voted off the show. Malcolm managed to stay in the game and keep his idol secret.

Betting lines for Survivor Season 26 are not currently out, and it is likely that they might be formed towards the season final to pick the winner, so be sure to keep checking back for episode recaps and updates.

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