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The Amazing Race Season 22 Down To Five Remaining Teams

The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race season 22 returned last night after a week long hiatus due to the Country Music Awards. This week the contestants were racing through the frigid temperatures of Switzerland after the heat of Africa. The episode kicked off with 6 teams, but after an exciting night there are just five groups vying for prize.

This week the teams traveled by train before following the sounds of a horn for their next clue. Once they grabbed the clue by making their way across a wall rock to grab a clue from a Travelocity gnome, the final 6 had to use a sled to transport 200 pounds of cheese to a barn that is located down a snowy hill. Continue reading

Twists And Turns Was The Theme Of Latest Survivor Caramoan Episode For Week 9

Survivor Fans vs FavoritesSurvivor Caramoan brought some unexpected turns in this latest episode. After the elimination of Corrine in last week’s airing, this season seems to have found new life. Some exciting highlights included Eddie, Cochran, Michael, Reynold and Erik winning the Reward challenge.

The five appeared to be bonding, but looks can be deceiving since Cochran wasn’t actually on board with Michael’s talk of an all-male alliance. This could have worked in Malcolm’s favor had he won the challenge since Sherri, Dawn and Andrea spent most of the show plotting to vote him off. Luckily, Malcolm was smart enough to spot an enemy in Andrea, but fell for Dawn’s manipulations which led to Reynold revealing his Idol to her. Continue reading

Lisa Vanderpump Ousted From Dancing With The Stars As Odds Shift For Top-9

Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars Season 16 rolled on through the competition, as we saw Lisa Vanderpump eliminated from the competition. Vanderpump’s elimination means that there are just nine contestants remaining moving forward.

The elimination of Vanderpump should not come as a surprise, especially if you have been keeping up with the trend of the betting lines. Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice Says Goodbye To Dennis Rodman As The Latest Contestant Fired By Trump

Celebrity ApprenticeTeam Power emerged as the losers once again in Celebrity Apprentice last night with Dennis Rodman fired by Trump. The episode kicked off with the two teams, Team Power and Team Plan B, going head to head on a challenge that involved Donald Trump’s wife, Melania. The two teams had to come up with an ad campaign for Mrs. Trump’s skin care line. Continue reading

American Idol Season 12 Down To Final Six After Elimination Of Burnell Taylor

American Idol Season 12It continues to be an unlucky year for the men of American Idol. Down to the final six singers, Burnell Taylor was voted off during last night’s results show. During Wednesday nights episode Taylor did little to extend his stay when he stiffly sang Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” in lieu of rock n’ roll week.

The singer was obviously out of his comfort zone and it showed. Judge Keith Urban called it by telling Burnell that rock ‘n roll was not his thing. Randy was also right on with his comments about Taylor “being behind the beat.” Jimmy Lovine’s comments were hilarious. “He was so behind the music. The band was on east coast time and he was on west time. He should be in the bottom two,” Lovine said. Continue reading

‘Gota’ And ‘Bikal’ Tribe Form New ‘Enil Edam’ Tribe As It’s All Individual For Themselves From Here On

Survivor Fans vs FavoritesSurvivor contestants entered into their twentieth day on the Caramoan Island this week. The Wednesday night episode picked up from where last week left off after the dismissal of Julia with the exciting new merge of the two tribes.

After the Gota tribe was transported to the Bikal tribe by boat, the group decided to take on a new identity following the union. Malcolm suggested that they name themselves after his mother Madeline, but backwards. Now known as Enil Edam, the drama began quickly for the competitors who started to make alliances after a somewhat calm sit down to eat sandwiches. Tensions were high most of the day with plenty of whispering and plotting. Continue reading

Season 4 Of The Voice Moves Closer To Semifinals As Betting Odds Are About To Be Formed

The VoiceThe Voice’s fourth season continued with blind auditions this week. The two-hour Monday night episode consisted of the coaches trying to build a talented team, adding to their arsenal of singers. Blake managed to grab The Swon Brothers, a country duo, who seemed open to all of the coaches, except for Adam. The country singer also talked Holly Tucker, an alto saxophone player, into joining his team. Continue reading

Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Says Goodbye To Wynonna Judd As Show Moves To Top-10

Dancing With The Stars Dancing with the Stars just finished up week 3 of the competition. After just a few short weeks the top couples have surfaced, but there is still plenty of time for the under dogs to turn things around. With Dorothy and Tristan out of the competition, and Wynonna Judd and Tony now eliminated, there remains just ten couples vying for the famous Mirror Ball trophy. Continue reading

2013 Grammy Awards Set For Sunday Night As Are Odds For The Winners

2013 Grammy AwardsThe biggest acts in music will be at the Staples Center this Sunday, February 10th, for the 55th annual Grammy Awards. On music’s biggest night, L.L Cool J will take the hosting duties for the second time at the awards. The top artists, songs, and records will all be honored, not to mention we will get to see some of the biggest performances of the year on stage. Continue reading

Best Actress Nominees For 2013 Academy Awards Filled With A Wide Range Of Talent

Best ActressThis year’s category for best actress at the 2013 Oscars should prove to be an interesting one with the unique age group between nominees, as pointed out by the L.A. Times.

For the first time in history the contenders range from as young as 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallace, who played Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild, to 84-year-old veteran performer Emmanuelle Riva of Amour, who will turn 86 on the day of the Academy Awards. Sitting in the middle is 35-year-old Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain, the 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence for her role and the Silver Linings Playbook and Naomi Watts. The 44-year-old has also been nominated for best actress for her work in The Impossible. Continue reading